2024 IS HERE!

It's time to – once and for all – FREE YOURSELF of everything that's holding you back and RESTORE your mind, body, and spirit so you can make this your most amazing, most healthy year yet! 66-Day Group Coaching Program starting soon! Sign up for the wait list!


Here you’ll find my holistic health & life coaching services designed to help women free themselves of foods, substances, and habits that are holding them back from looking, feeling, and doing their best in life.

Can you relate to any of these?

  • You're experiencing health issues like fatigue, anxiety, depression, PMS, acne, weight gain, bloating and other digestive issues, and you want to understand why and how to heal everything once and for all
  • You know diet plays a role in your physical, mental, and emotional health, but you're not sure where to start, OR you've tried a bunch of things already, including a plant-based diet, yet you're still not feeling better and aren't sure why
  • You have an interest in transitioning to/or eating more plant-based foods, but you’re not where how or where to start
  • You’ve lost your motivation and zest for life, or you've never really had it in the first place, and you want to feel more ALIVE
  • You're in a period of intense stress (ex: divorce, moving locations, healing from a traumatic event) and are feeling depleted physically, mentally, and emotionally– you know you need extra support, but you don't have the bandwidth to figure it all out on your own
  • You're using or have a history of recreational and/or pharmaceutical drugs to manage symptoms and treat health ailments, and you're ready for a different way that doesn't include pills with side effects and more symptoms to manage
  • You know your skin, hair, and nails, and overall health could be in better shape, and you want to look and feel more vibrant from the inside-out

If you answered "Yes!" to any of those, it's time to think about working with a certified health coach who can help you harness the power of plant-based nutrition and natural remedies so you can heal your body holistically from the inside-out.

Could you resolve these issues on your own? Maybe. BUT you're much more likely to be successful with a health coach who's willing to work with you every step of the way, and here’s why:

Your Health Coach Creates a Plan That’s Tailored to Your Exact Situation

In addition to your specific health concerns, your daily responsibilities, stress level and work/family balance all affect how well you’re able to integrate healthier habits. I'll work WITH you to develop a Wellness Plan just for you that fits with the way YOU live and ultimately leads you to permanent, positive change.

My plans include recommendations around everything from foods, supplements, and herbs, to any topical remedies needed, to safe and effective detox protocols, to self-care practices, to education around how your emotions and overall lifestyle could be contributing to your health, to tips and strategies for staying motivated towards healing your body once and for all!

Your Health Coach Helps Make Change Safer and Better for Your Body

There's so much overwhelming information pushed at us on a daily basis by slick marketing campaigns, magazines, celebrities and their trainers, or even from colleagues at work. Some of these health fads are outright dangerous, and others can still have negative side effects that aren’t worth compromising your health over.

I work with my clients using sound practices and methods that are 100% grounded in the latest cutting-edge nutrition and personal growth research. Using these techniques, I can help you integrate sustainable practices that will help you all the way to the finish line without damaging your body on the way.

Your Health Coach Knows How to Get Granular With Your Health

Most physicians are aware that nutrition, stress reduction, weight management and exercise are important, but yet learn only about one hour of nutrition during their four years of medical school. That’s why very few health care providers are able to offer patients recommendations that go beyond “lose some weight,” or “take this medication.”

A health coach is not a doctor, and does not get involved in making diagnoses or giving prescriptions or medical advice. We do something very powerful, which is to get into the trenches with you, spend the time, and provide you with education, encouragement, empowerment and effective tools that will get you the results you deserve!

A Great Health Coach Takes Their Own Advice

One of the things that’s so great about HMI Health Coaches is that we love what we do and are continually educating ourselves, learning more about what's the newest information in health and increasing our knowledge base. We don’t just advise, we do. 

What does that mean for you? It means that I'll provide you with personalized information and fresh approaches and answers to keep your health journey moving forward.

Your Health Coach Is a True Ally Throughout Your Healing Journey

Changing long-held negative behaviors, limiting beliefs, and attitudes can be difficult. And sometimes when we make health changes, we feel alone. Having a health coach who can support you, guide you on the path and keep you accountable is truly, PRICELESS. It is a gift you can give yourself that will give you benefits you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

Research confirms the benefits. A study of nearly 175,000 people published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that people who received health coaching via phone spent less money on medical care and drugs and were significantly less likely to be admitted to the hospital than those who weren't coached!

Your Health Coach Understands Where You Are!

As someone who's experienced everything from chronic fatigue and chronic pain starting at an early age, to skin issues, to hormone imbalance, and more, and who hid these issues with bandaid solutions like drugs and toxic skincare products, I completely understand the toll this can take on your confidence and on your mental and emotional health.

I also know what it's like to find what truly works, and the positive ripple that healing from within can have on the outside– because when we feel and look our best, we're then free to able to do, be, and have all that we're destined for!

Some of what I can help you with right away includes:

  • Showing you how to transition to a fully plant-based diet, including where/how to shop and what to buy for all budgets
  • The best way to reset your body after a lifetime of medications, junk foods, and more
  • Cutting through the confusion and getting your body on THE diet that works for ALL humans: a high carb plant-based diet (our bodies are designed to run on sugar, not fat! yes, you CAN eat fruit!)
  • Knowing the right supplements to take (and why everyone needs supplements) without wasting money on false promises and snake oil

and much more!

Book a free 30-Minute Consultation with me below to discuss your goals and how I can support you. I take the time during our consultation to learn about you and your needs so I can pin-point the best next step for based on where you are now and where you want to go.

Single 60-Minute Session

The Single 60-Minute Session is a great place to start if you have a very specific need or issue you'd like to focus on.

You'll receive a listening ear, thoughtful questions, and specific action steps you can start implementing right away.

- Client Questionnaire
- 1x60-minute session


4-Week Package

The 4-Week Package is perfect for you if you've already tried making changes on your own, but you know it's time for ongoing support and guidance.

What can happen in 4 weeks? A LOT!

In just 4 weeks you could: adopt a plant-based diet to kickstart better health, start a morning routine that gets you out of bed and feeling hopeful, and so much more!

- Client Questionnaire
- A personalized Action Plan
- 2x45-minute bi-weekly sessions via phone
- Email support in-between sessions


12-Week Package

The 12-Week Wellness Package is for you if you're looking for consistent support and dramatic results.

What can happen in 12 weeks? Even more!

In 12 weeks, you could: complete a detox program, experience significant healing in your mental, physical, and emotional health, feel more love, joy, and passion, set new goals, and so much more!

- Client Questionnaire
- A personalized Action Plan
- 6x45-minute bi-weekly sessions (two per month)
- Email support in-between sessions

INVESTMENT: $875 or 3 payments of $350

If I'm working with you on your health, I include education and recommendations around everything from foods, supplements, and herbs to any topical remedies needed, to safe and effective detox protocols, to self-care practices, to how your emotional health and overall lifestyle could be contributing to your health. As a professionally-trained holistic health coach through Health Mastery Institute, I'll help you harness the power of plant-based nutrition and natural remedies so you can heal your body holistically, feel more vibrant, and glow from the inside-out.

They can be! Often times, while working together on a health issue, it leads to discussing other areas of your life. There's often emotional issues and external factors at play that lead to the health issues women face, which can lead to decreased satisfaction in career, relationships, and so much more. I take the WHOLE WOMAN into consideration – not just parts of you – which is why holistic coaching is so effective.

Feedback & Testimonials

"It's only been a few weeks since I implemented some small changes. By simply removing almost all oil, tweaking my supplements and when I take them, I'm feeling so much lighter and my skin is clearer already. I'm wearing less makeup and didn't break out like I did with my last cycle. Someone asked me last week if I'd lost weight and I noticed my swimsuit was a little loose. Such a great reminder that small tweaks are so freaking easy and they add up!" -J

"I can tell there's a difference. My skin looks fresher and brighter. My period was less painful, too! And people who saw me at church noticed and said that my skin looks clearer." -K

"Absolutely amazing wellness plan, Malana! This was one of the most beautiful wellness plans I have seen. You did a great job of covering so much without it feeling overwhelming. That can be a hard balance to find, but you nailed it. You did an amazing job of customizing it to her and her needs– she knows this was written for her and not something you just give to everyone." – Admissions Director of Health Mastery Institute

"I completed the Day 3 Juice cleanse and to be honest, 1st day I just felt bring fog and mildly fatigued. But once I did the coffee enema, I felt SO much better. Felt good because I was having a clean diet and did not feel bloated. My skin felt clear too, less clogged than usual." – L

"I had my IUD removed! I already feel so relieved to have that take care of, it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for months now, and I’m grateful it is done!" – T

"I was able to utilize some of this new knowledge to make some positive changes in my life, career changes and I even started talking about what I had been thru to help inspire others who have also been thru trauma. I learned so much from Malana. She is very gentle, compassionate and caring, it’s like having an earth angel to help you thru the uncertainty of life, an empathetic friend to hold your hand, when you need it. That is priceless in today’s world." – G

"I love your RAW honesty about everything. There is no sugar coating. No fluff. You say it straight. But you also are incredibly positive and funny. Your humor reminds me that even though the skies may seem all gray, there are silver linings– the sun is fully shining behind the clouds just out of view. And soon my clouds will dissipate, just as they have done for you. Thanks for being the inspiration that you are." – S

"The way Malana combines the physical and spiritual aspects of healing so effortlessly in her stories and conversation has helped me see how grace looks like in motion and how perfect skin is so very possible no matter what my history has been." -G

"I was immediately drawn to Malana's unabashed openness about the major transitions she was working through in life. Her energy and GLOW was undeniable and so magnetic! She provides so much valuable information regarding not just physical health but also emotional and spiritual. The passion and love she feels for helping other women find, heal, and amplify their own personal GLOW is so evident by the information that she shares and how she interacts with and supports her community." -M

"Witnessing your work has helped me uncover repressed sexual trauma and to feel like a human being. To not feel stupid for allowing this toxicity in life, rather being gentle with myself on the path to recovery and healing and for that I am extremely grateful for your presence, energy and work. Truly a blessing." – Z