About Me & A Woman Uncaged

I'm a writer, educator, holistic life & health coach, and a survivor of childhood and domestic abuse.

Launched in 2023, the name A Woman Uncaged was inspired by my three-year journey of healing from trauma & abuse and my personal trials & triumphs along the way.

On this site,
 you'll find my collection of writings which serve as a way to not only share my own story but to educate women around symptoms of repressed trauma and signs of covert abuse– the invisible bars that often lead to depression, addiction, chronic illness, and even suicide – while providing them with the tools they need to break free, heal their minds, bodies, & spirits, and create the beautiful lives they deserve. 

You'll also find information about the services I provide to help you use your own voice and share your unique story and gifts with the world I've spent a decade working with and writing for creatives and small business owners, and with this new chapter in my life, my writing gift has expanded to include supporting women in telling their own stories of healing from trauma and abuse.

    My Writings

    My writings are focused on my healing journey including how I woke up and broke free of a 10+ year weed addiction, a psychologically abusive marriage, and the trauma from my childhood that led to it all.

    I publish long-form articles that get emailed to subscribers via my Substack publication, and I have a collection of shorter writings here on this site that I archive from social media content– three featured writings are below:

      2022: The Year I Chose Myself


      2020: The Year That Kicked Off My Recovery


      Surrendering Weed: A Stepping Stone to My Healing


      "She's such a great writer, truth-exposer, emotion-revealer."

      – Liana Shanti | Spiritual Teacher, Nutritionist, and Founder of Health Mastery Institute

        My Work

        I offer writing & editing services to help you translate your transformation stories, your mission, your offerings, and the core of who you are into everything from bios and blog posts, to emails and letters, to websites and product descriptions, and more.

        One of my specialities is helping women to articulate their personal experiences around trauma and abuse and finding mediums to share them for both therapeutic and/or professional purposes.

          "A total superstar. I'm truly beyond grateful for your talent and skills to elevate every single piece of copy I've ever given you."

          – Sophia Cruz | Voiceover Artist, Founder of Winning in Voiceover

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