About Me & A Woman Uncaged

I'm a woman, a writer, a creator, a certified plant-based holistic health coach (for health and for animals), a lover of Jesus (without religion), a recovered weed addict, and a survivor of childhood and domestic abuse.

Launched in 2023, the name A Woman Uncaged was inspired by my journey of freeing myself from the people, foods, habits, and substances that were holding me back, healing my mind, body, and spirit from the damage, and my trials and triumphs along the way as I've worked to use my voice, share my gifts, and create the life I deserve.

Today, I now help other women free themselves and create the lives they deserve, too. 

    My Work

    I offer health & life coaching services for women seeking true transformation from the inside-out, and I provide writing services to help them translate their transformation story into content that can help others. I also offer general writing services for creatives & professionals who're doing good things in the world.

      "I learned so much from Malana. She is very gentle, compassionate and caring, it’s like having an earth angel to help you thru the uncertainty of life, an empathetic friend to hold your hand, when you need it. That is priceless in today’s world."

      - Geneva

        My Writings

        My writings serve as a way to both share my own story and to educate women around symptoms of repressed trauma and signs of covert abuse– the invisible bars that often lead to depression, addiction, chronic illness, and even suicide.

        I publish long-form articles that get emailed to subscribers via my Substack publication, and I have a collection of shorter writings here on this site that I archive from social media content– three featured writings are below:

          2022: The Year I Chose Myself


          2020: The Year That Kicked Off My Recovery


          Surrendering Weed: A Stepping Stone to My Healing


          "She's such a great writer, truth-exposer, emotion-revealer."

          – Liana Shanti | Spiritual Teacher, Nutritionist, and Founder of Health Mastery Institute

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