Tips for Healing Your Body While Quitting Weed

If you're reading this, you're probably getting ready to quit weed OR you're in the middle of trying to quit, and you want help sticking to it while preventing/alleviating withdrawal symptoms.

I can tell you firsthand that quitting weed is one of the BEST choices you'll ever make in your life!

And the best way help yourself kick the habit for good is through improving your physical health. When we take care of our physical health, our mood improves, making it even easier to rely less on weed to feel good.

With your physical health, you'll want to start with giving your liver some added support.

If you take your hand and press it gently under your right ribcage, THAT'S your liver.

That organ right there works super hard to clean up (detoxify) everything you put into your body, including weed.

Its whole job is to rid the body of poisons that slow you down and make you sick, so keeping the liver healthy with supportive foods, supplements, and practices is key to lifelong health.

Some simple ways you can begin supporting your liver right away include:

  • Increasing water intake πŸ’¦. This is especially important if you're experiencing night sweats– stay hydrated! Organic coconut water is also amazing for hydration and electrolyte balance.
  • Choosing organic foods as much as possible so you can avoid pesticides and decrease your toxic load β˜ οΈβ€“ your liver is already doing so much!
  • Opting for organic green tea instead of coffee, which puts the body into fight or flight mode and stresses the adrenal glands.
  • Adding more plant-based whole foods to the diet (fruits 🍎, veggies πŸ₯¬, whole grains 🌾, legumes, some nuts and seeds) vs. processed and animal-based foods.

A plant-based diet is incredibly supportive of the liver's detoxification process since plants are loaded with antioxidants (which help clean up the bad stuff) whereas meat and dairy are inflammatory, high in fat, and loaded with toxins.

Speaking of antioxidants, know this word: GLUTATHIONE (pronounced gloo-tuh-thy-own). It's the body's MASTER antioxidant. Our liver NEEDS an adequate supply of glutathione so that it can do its job properly.

Some foods & herbs to boost glutathione levels:

  • Onion πŸ§…, garlic πŸ§„, red grapes πŸ‡, and berries πŸ“
  • Green tea (particularly matcha green tea 🍡 )
  • Milk thistle (an herb that can be drank as a tea or taken in capsule form)

Cruciferous veggies like broccoli πŸ₯¦, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage are also extremely supportive of liver function.

It's also important to make sure you're getting enough magnesium. Just like glutathione is the body's MASTER antioxidant, magnesium is the body's MASTER mineral. It's responsible for over 300 metabolic processes within the body, and yet 7/10 people are deficient. We need to be constantly giving ourselves sources of magnesium. It can help you get a better night's sleep, reduce anxiety, support heart health, and more.

Some excellent sources of magnesium include:

  • Raw cacao 🍫
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Bananas 🍌 (also high in potassium, which could relieve body aches and cramps)
  • As well as adding a supplement such as CALM magnesium– a powder that can be mixed into water and taken before bed)

For any nausea or digestive issues, you could try:

  • Sipping on warm peppermint or ginger tea
  • Eating small, frequent, healthy snacks throughout day vs. large meals
  • Frozen fruit ice-pops (can freeze fresh juice and smoothies as ice pops)
  • Making some healing soup 🍲 (here's a recommended recipe)
  • Consuming fluids in-between meals, not with meals, is better for digestion
  • Taking digestive enzymes with meals
  • If getting nausea with warm foods, try cooler foods and vice versa

In addition to the tips above, introducing a properly guided juice fast that includes coffee enemas is also a safe & simple way to detox your body from weed and give your body a fresh slate. πŸ‹πŸŠπŸ₯’

Here's a recommendation for a safe and effective juice fast protocol, created by the founder of Health Mastery Institute (HMI), the nutrition and health coaching institute I attended. This juice fast includes an option for a 3-day, 7-day, or 21-day juice fast, so you can decide what works best for you, and you don't even need to have a juicer to do it!

As you clean-up your physical body, you'll likely find that your cravings and desire for weed naturally decrease– you may even find yourself letting weed go quicker than you ever thought possible!

You'll want to make sure you're taking care of your emotional and spiritual health, too. Below are a few added resources:

  • Here's a free talk I gave in September 2022 where I shared about the personal relationship I used to have with weed and what I did to quit for good. This talk can be helpful for anyone who's thinking about quitting weed, struggling to quit, or is simply curious about quitting. (A year later, a woman let me know she had quit for good after listening to it!)
  • Here's links to free sessions of my spiritual teacher & nutritionist, Liana Shanti (the founder of HMI)'s  Healing the Mother Wound and Healing the Father Wound programs. Mother and Father Wound are the root of all addictions and blocks we experience in life.

(There's a lot of great info to learn on the actual enrollment page for the programs– I recommend reading them before starting the free sessions so you have context: enrollment page for Healing the Mother Wound and enrollment page for Healing the Father Wound enrollment page. I'm not an affiliate, and I do not earn a commission through recommending these programs.)

If you'd like any 1:1 guidance and support as you work to recover your mind, body, and spirit after weed addiction, you can book a free 30-minute consultation or reach out to me on Instagram to chat about working together. I can create and guide you through a personalized Wellness Plan that includes everything from nutritional support, to safe and effective detox protocols, to self-care practices, and tried and tested tools that can guide you to the recovery you deserve.

Sending you lots of love!

– Malana