I spent 10 years trying to convince myself and others that weed was harmless– I was wrong.

I used to think weed was helping me with everything from my creativity, to my chronic pain, to my spiritual growth.

Yet nothing in my life was ever TRULY getting better. Not my career. Not my relationships. Not my health. Not my finances. NOTHING.

After 10 years of almost daily use, I finally surrendered to the fact that I’d had it all wrong.

I was even able to admit to myself that I knew this deep down the whole time– I'd just been so scared to let it go that I spent YEARS finding ways to justify it!

And when I was ready, I was led to the exact support and tools I needed to let it go for good.

For me, it took around 12 weeks from when I set the intention to phase weed out of my life to when I completely quit and fully eradicated any and all desire to use.

During that time, I went plant-based, started juicing, and optimized my supplements. I even began doing coffee enemas– apprehensively, at first, and then appreciatively.

Once my body was detoxed and my mind was more clear, I was then more receptive to going deeper into my spiritual healing so I could get to the root of WHY I’d been using weed for 10 years straight in the first place.

Mind. Body. Spirit. All three were needed to fully eradicate my addiction (another thing I had to admit to myself), and I can honestly say that quitting weed was one of the BEST choices I've EVER made.

I truly believe it would be for ANYONE who uses weed, and that once a person experiences what it feels like to live inside a healthy body WITHOUT weed, they’d NEVER want to go back.

The best part is that WE CAN HEAL whatever it was that had us turning to weed in the first place.

– Malana