However, while working to rebuild my life and continue my healing in peace, I experienced a narcissistic smear campaign by my abusers.

From there, I began writing and speaking about the cycles of abuse I'd endured from childhood through adulthood, and my disclosures led to a chilling series of events that prompted me to speak up more loudly than ever.

As I began sharing openly about my experiences, I learned that using my voice and my lifelong gift of writing was helping not just myself, but other women, too.

Today, I'm more passionate than ever about helping women recognize patterns of abuse and symptoms of trauma so that they, too, can break the cycle, heal from the inside-out, and share the stories that only they can tell.

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  • Listen to my August 2022 talk called Thrive Without Weed where I share about the personal relationship I used to have with weed and what I did to quit for good. This talk can be helpful for anyone who's thinking about quitting weed, struggling to quit, or is simply curious about quitting
  • Listen to my March 2023 interview on the series Seaside Chats hosted by Dr. Roxanne Smith where I discussed how Health Mastery Institute and a plant-based diet done right helped me to heal my body from trauma & abuse
  • Listen to my January 2023 interview Her Journey to Heal From Child Sexual Abuse on the podcast Deep Throat: And By That I Mean Throat Chakra hosted by Liana Shanti
  • Listen to my September 2023 interview Thriving After Abuse on the podcast Deep Throat: And By That I Mean Throat Chakra hosted by Liana Shanti
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